WoW Cataclysm Jewelcrafting Guide

The materials for Jewelcrafting come from Mining and if you don't have a miner you will have to buy these items. The fastest way to level up your Jewelcrafting is to buy these components off the Auction House when available, if you don't have gold to do this it is vital that you check out this Gold Guide.

Apprentice Jewelcrafting

1-35: Delicate Copper Wire - 2 Copper Bar
35-50: Tigerseye Band - 1 Tigerseye/1 Delicate Copper Wire
50-80: Bronze Setting - 2 Bronze Bar

Journeyman Jewelcrafting

You must buy the formula for the Pendant of the Agate Shield from Jandia (Freewind Post, Thousand Needles) or Neal Allen (Menethil Harbor, Wetlands).

80-110: Ring of Silver Might - 2 Silver Bar
110-120: Heavy Stone Statue - 8 Heavy Stone
120-150: Pendant of the Agate Shield - 1 Moss Agate/1 Bronze Setting

Expert Jewelcrafting

150-180: Mithril Filigree - 2 Mithril Bar
180-220: Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing - 1 Citrine/2 Mithril Bar
220-225: Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior - 1 Aquamarine/3 Mithril Filigree

Artisan Jewelcrafting

225-245: Thorium Setting - 1 Thorium Bar
245-260: Ruby Pendant of Fire - 1 Star Ruby/1 Thorium Setting
260-280: Simple Opal Ring - 1 Large Opal, 1 Thorium Setting
280-290: Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night - 1 Blue Sapphire/1 Essence of Undeath/1 Thorium Setting
290-300: Emerald Lion Ring - 2 Huge Emerald/1 Thorium Setting

Master Jewelcrafting

300-305: Radiant Deep Peridot or Flame Spessarite or Teardrop Blood Garnet or Brilliant Golden Draenite or Glowing Shadow Draenite or Solid Azure Moonstone - 1 uncut gem
305-315: Bright Blood Garnet or Bold Blood Garnet or Jagged Deep Peridot or Sparkling Azure Moonstone - 1 uncut gem
315-325: Glinting Flame Spessarite - 1 Flame Spessarite
325-350: Rigid Golden Draenite or Sovereign Shadow Draenite or Smooth Golden Draenite - 1 uncut gem
350-360: Any Gem Cut Trained at 350 - 1 uncut gem
360-390: Any Gem Cut Trained at 360 - 1 uncut gem

Grand Master Jewelcrafting

390-430: Balanced Twighlight Opal or Bright Scarlet Ruby or Brilliant Autumn's Glow or Dazzling Forest Emerald or Pristine Monarch Topaz or Sparkling Sky Sapphire - 1 uncut gem
430-450: Persistant Earthsiege Diamond or Swift Skyflare Diamond or Powerful Earthsiege Diamond or Tireless Skyflare Diamond - 1 Earthsiege Diamond or Skyflare Diamond

Illustrious Jewelcrafting

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