PvE Warrior - Aldor or Scryer

I am a protection specced warrior who wants to tank Karazan and Heroics, should I select Aldor, Scryer or save myself the time and effort and skip them both?


Choosing the right faction


Choosing the right faction from the beginning is important. Switching is possible, but it takes hundreds of hours to effectively switch factions once you choose one.

As a protection warrior we are looking for which faction will provide the most +defense and +stamina items. The choice can be made by a simple analysis of them items each faction offers that provide the stats we are looking for.

The Aldor offer one "tanking" item purchasable by reputation at revered: Vindicator's Hauberk
Also offered by the Aldor that are great items, but not necessarily tanking focused are: Lightwarden's Band and Vindicator's Brand

The Scryers also offer on "tanking" item purchasable by reputation, Gauntlets of the Chosen
An additional item offered by the Scryers is the Retainer's Blade

Quest rewards are the next category to consider, and the Scryers definitely have the edge here. The Aldor have 0 prot warrior focused rewards from their quests. The Scryers offer Thalodien's Charm as a quest reward from Shutting Down Manaforge Ara

The final consideration to make is based on tradeskills. If you are blacksmithing, the Aldor offer a plate set with Fire resist, while the Scryers offers Arcane resist. If you are a JC, the Aldor have a trainer right in their area of Shattrah.

The bottom line is that both factions have something to offer, but the Scryers seem to have a slight edge due to the quest reward. In the long run it will not matter which faction you choose because there is gear of equal quality attainable from Normal Mode 5-Man instances, and all of these pieces will be replaced quickly in Karazhan and Heroic instances.

scryer all the way after the

scryer all the way after the new neck's proc in 2.4

The anony-moose speaks the

The anony-moose speaks the truth of what you should pick...

You should pick Aldor.

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