WoW Cataclysm Cooking Guide

Cooking is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial professions to do. It usually goes hand-in-hand with Fishing and you can make food that will enhance your stats. This guide will focus on leveling without fishing so you'll need a lot of meats not found by fishing. Some of these meats you might be able to purchase off the Auction House, if you're interested in making gold for these purchases then you should look at this guide.

Apprentice Cooking

For this section you will have to purchase the recipe for Crunchy Spider Surprise from Fazu (Blood Watch, Bloodmyst Isle) or Master Chef Mouldier (Tranquillien, Ghostlands).

1-40: Spice Bread - 1 Simple Flour/1 Mild Spices
40-70: Spiced Wolf Meat - 1 Stringy Wolf Meat
70-120: Crunchy Spider Surprise - 1 Crunchy Spider Leg

Journeyman Cooking

For this section be prepared to by Curiously Tasty Omelet from Keena (Hammerfall, Arathi Highlands) or Kendor Kabonka (Stormwind City).

120-130: Crab Cake - 1 Crawler Meat
130-190: Curiously Tasty Omelet - 1 Raptor Egg

Expert Cooking

Next you'll need to buy Hot Wolf Ribs from Sheendra Tallgrass (Camp Mojache, Feralas) or Vivianna (Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas).

190-225: Hot Wolf Ribs - 1 Red Wolf Meat

Artisan Cooking

There are some recipes you'll need to buy for this section and some you'll need to get from quests. The first is Tender Wolf Steak sold by Dirge Quickcleave in Gadgetzan, Tanaris and if you are Horde you must accept and complete Clamette Surprise to get Clamette Magnifique. Next buy Juicy Bear Burger from Malygen (Felwood, Talon Branch Glade) for the Alliance. Finally, you'll have to head to Cenarion Hold in Silithus and speak to Calandrath to start Desert Recipe to get the final recipe for this section.

225-260: Tender Wolf Steak - 1 Tender Wolf Meat
260-285: Juicy Bear Burger - 1 Bear Flank (Alliance)
260-285: Clamette Magnifique - 1 Zesty Clam Meat (Horde or Alliance)
285-300: Smoked Desert Dumplings - 1 Sandworm Meat

Master Cooking

Yes, more recipes to buy! The first (Ravager Dog) is sold by Cookie One-Eye in Thrallmar and Sid Limbardi in Honor Hold. Talbuk Steak is sold by Nula the Butcher (Garadar, Nagrand) and Uriku (Telaar, Nagrand)....also, be sure to pick up Roasted Clefthoof because you'll get a lot of Clefthoof meat fighting in Nagrand.

300-330: Ravager Dog - 1 Ravager Flesh
330-350: Talbuk Steak - 1 Talbuk Venison
330-350: Roasted Clefthoof - 1 Clefthoof Meat
350-400: Rhino Dogs - 1 Rhino Meat

Grand Master Cooking

Both the recipes in this section are bought with Dalaran Cooking Awards so if you haven't started to do dailies yet now is the time. Both vendors are located in Dalaran for Horde and Alliance. The final recipe requires fish so check the Auction House for some unless you have fishing.

400-425: Critter Bites - 2 Chilled Meat/ Northern Spices
425-450: Small Feast - 2 Nettlefish/2 Rhino Meat/2 Glacial Salmon/1 Northern Spices

Illustrious Cooking

This section is coming soon...

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